Because bots are complex to build and there are no standards, yet, Seed Vault is committed to open-sourcing tools, source code, and patents in order to make bot creation faster and easier.

Botanic Technologies™ is open-sourcing its bot toolkit to supercharge the creation of an industry standard.

The SEED Network is built on top of Botanic Technologies' multi-modal Bot Framework, already in use on Android, iOS, Skype, Signal and other clients. The SEED network marketplaces create exchanges for independent bot developers to share, buy, and sell bot components of all types to make bot creation and management faster, easier, and more profitable. The marketplaces use blockchain to track uses of bot components for developer compensation. (see below).

The SEED funding period includes an open-source license from Botanic Technologies to Seed Vault Ltd. for bot-related patents, source code (clients, servers, and middleware components) that drives natural language processing, audio, and animation via both real-time 3D (OpenGL) and / or real-time video (MP4), and other IP. These resources are critical to the creation of a successful bot community and Botanic Technologies has elected to make these available under a perpetual Creative Commons license for use by developers and users of the SEED token and network. This includes Botanic's patent covering voice-to-blockchain bridges. This ensures the maximum amount of value for the SEED community as well as demonstrates Seed Vault's commitment to enabling the SEED-based bot community. Other IP includes:

Systems For Executing Cryptographically Secure Transactions Using Voice And Natural Language Processing (Filed march 25, 2015)

Methods for Developing A Bot-Sourced Knowledgbank Via Social Expert-Learner Interaction (Filed 2017)

Systems for Securing Conversations Via Authenticated Bot And Dual-Key Encryption (Filed July 22, 2017)

Autonomous Bot Personality Generation And Relationship Management (#125128-8006)

Systems and Methods For Vetting And Authenticating The Identity Of An Avatar (#9,253,183 B2)

Systems And Methods For An Autonomous Avatar Driver (#11960507)

Systems And Methods For Managing a Persistent Virtual Avatar With Migrational Ability (Filed November 11 2014)

Source Code
• Middleware source & API adapters
• 4 clients source (including Skype, iOS, Android, and Signal)
• 3 servers source
• Authoring tools source
• 3 ACTR animation libraries (M,F,N of humanoid proportions)
• 2 ACTR animation libraries (M,F,N5665 of humanoid proportions)
• 5 personality templates