About the seed token

Can you give me a high level overview of the SEED Token project?

What is a CUI?

How would you categorize your project: Ecosystem, Protocol, Platform, DApp?

How is your project disrupting the current business landscape / what is your project's impact on the current business space?

What is the biggest innovation of your project?

Have you concluded a feasibility study and if yes, please provide the results. In other words, what makes you sure that you can deliver and that your solution is needed?

What is the development status of your project? Is it MVP, Alpha, Beta or just PoC? Is it already publicly available?

Has your code been audited by a third party?

What partnerships have you officially established and what is the nature of these (how does the project benefit from those partnership?

How and in which timeframe do you expect your project to be adopted by the current business landscape?

Use case of your token? What can be done with it?

Is the token supply stable, or will it inflate/deflate over time?

About the token ECONOMICS

Was your smart contract audited by an independent cybersecurity company?

What is the token supply?

About seed vault ltd.

What is the business model of Seed Vault?

As a participant, why should I consider this token?

I’m a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert. Why would I need this token?

I’m a CUI or AI expert. Why would I need this token?

About botanic technologies

What is the relationship between Seed Vault and Botanic?

How reliant is the future success of Seed Vault on Botanic?

How will this relationship evolve in the future?

Will Botanic make additional developments in API aggregation middleware, clients, servers, libraries, protocols, data structures, tools, patents, and other IP, available to Seed Vault in the future?

Will Seed Vault create its own IP in the future?

When do you anticipate SEED token demand from CUI developers, who want to operate on the network?

technical details

What is the development roadmap?

Are Proof of Stake mechanisms planned (like masternodes or rewards for holding)?