Seed Vault Bolsters Team of Advisors with Three AI Visionaries to Develop the Next Generation of Bots

Digital pioneers Trent McConaghy, Bruce Wilcox and Phil D Hall, join Seed Vault to help democratise Artificial Intelligence

Jul 16, 2018

July 16, 2018, Singapore: Seed Vault Ltd, the open source software foundation using blockchain to create the world’s first independent bot economy, is proud to announce the latest appointments to its Team of Advisors. The advisors were chosen for their leadership, expertise and deep passion for democratising A.I. by offering an open and independent alternative to the handful of IP titans that control bot technology.

Seed Vault’s decentralised marketplace will disrupt this monopoly with an alternative open-source solution that rewards developers for the bot code innovations they create.

“SEED represents a game-changing revolution in the way we think about and build A.I. Our momentum to date is a testament to the profound passion and leadership of developers who recognise the need to democratise A.I. for a new generation. It is also due largely to the time and dedication of our experts who have agreed to join our expanding team of skilled advisors,” says Nathan Shedroff, Executive Director, Seed Vault Ltd. “These individuals are pioneers within the digital universe and are at the forefront of A.I. research. We are delighted to formally acknowledge their role as advisors today.”

Bruce Wilcox is the author of the dominant Natural Language open-source platform, ChatScript. He runs the natural language processing company, Brillig Understanding, where he consults on projects and promotes Chatscript. He is well known as “the father of Computer Go” and is a four-time winner of the prestigious Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence. Wilcox commented: “To work with the team at Seed Vault is immensely exciting. By ensuring AI bots are authenticated using blockchain technology, we plan to help users better understand who has created the AI systems that are increasingly influencing their day to day lives.”

Trent McConaghy is a widely recognised authority on AI and decentralisation, who has launched a range of leading start-ups, including decentralised database BigchainDB. His latest venture, Ocean Protocol, is focused on democratising data by delivering a decentralised data economy for Artificial Intelligence. McConaghy commented: “The team behind Seed Vault have been working for decades to advance conversational interfaces and to improve the experience of interacting with AI. The aim is to free the world from the reliance on a handful of giant internet companies for these interfaces.”

Phil D Hall is Technical Director and Founder of Elzware Ltd., one of the oldest and most ambitious ChatBot development organisations in the world. Hall has been developing practical, effective, resilient A.I. systems since 1999. Hall commented: “For decades I’ve watched the bot communities around the globe look for a common method, a shared set of tools, and a community we can rally around. SEED provides that and I’m glad to be partnering with Elzware to bring our expertise and quality background to the fore.”

Hall, McConaghy and Wilcox will work closely with the Seed Vault team to advise on areas including technology development, business strategy, token economics and industry partnerships.

This news comes on the back of Seed Vault recently announcing a partnership with bottish, one of the world’s largest communities of bot developers and the appointment of Silicon Valley veteran Robert Neilson as CTO to spearhead development of its decentralised bot marketplace.

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