SEED partners with Innoveo on the future of chatbots and insurance

Q&A with Innoveo Chief Digital Officer Oliver Gerstlauer

Oct 8, 2018
Oliver Gerstlauer, Chief Digital Officer at Innoveo

SEED, the platform for a decentralized Conversational User Interface (CUI) bot economy, and Innoveo, a cloud-based SaaS for insurance companies, have entered into a strategic partnership to collaborate on the future of conversational interfaces. SEED is excited to partner with Innoveo as they empower their insurance customers with new customer experiences, powered by natural language and AI.

In this Q&A, we chat with Oliver Gerstlauer, Chief Digital Officer at Innoveo, and ask him about his vision for the future of the conversational user experience, and how Innoveo will work with SEED.

Q: Please tell us about Innoveo, and the software you provide to your customers.

Innoveo was founded in 2007 in Zurich, Switzerland by a group of insurance experts who realized that insurance companies needed technology to launch insurance products across multiple distribution channels fast. This is how Innoveo Skye® was born, our flagship product — a unique solution enabling innovation in insurance industry. Innoveo Skye® today is a globally proven technology with customer references in 5 continents.

We provide Innoveo Skye® SaaS on cloud. A 100% configurable no-code platform for insurance companies to support their distribution, referrals and claims registration. Innoveo Skye® allows support for an omni-channel UX experience combined with business efficiency centralized in a front-end interoperable with our customers’ existing IT landscape.

Q: Why is Innoveo partnering with SEED, and how will Innoveo benefit?

Insurance companies and InsurTech new entries are faced with new customer behavior and interaction requirements. The touch points to the future generation of customers are different from the past and the user experience brought by the insurance companies needs to take this into consideration in order to provide value. Intelligent chatbots, AI and self-learning mechanisms in distribution as well as in the claims registration process will be able to give customers the expected dynamic and individual interaction rather than a ‘product’ and ‘terms and condition’ focused communication.

In the upcoming symbiotic partnership, both Innoveo and SEED can benefit from each other’s expertise. On one hand, SEED can help to enrich Innoveo Skye with chatbot and AI technology. On its side, Innoveo can provide and apply SEED technology as a reference in the insurance market.

Q: What is your vision for the role conversational user interfaces (i.e. chatbots) will play in Innoveo Skye’s web-based software?

Having a portal for end customers, agents, and brokers with a context based chatbot helps insurance companies and insurance distributors provide their customers with better, personalized risk protection. An open, interactive flow — instead of a form-based dialog — allows the system to explore new interactions and to learn from this interaction in optimizing the user flow.

Q: Bots and AI are giving rise to the possibility of “agents” that can work independently on a company or individual’s behalf. How could this affect the insurance industry?

Depending on the complexity of risks, and the provided possibility of coverage, an AI supported bot might optimize risk analysis and representation and make it easier to select the best match among various coverages.

Q: Fast forward ten years into the future. Where will Innoveo be, and what role with bots play in your software, in your best estimation?

Innoveo wants to stay agile and able to adapt new technologies into our existing offering. In the future, we assume that bots will become the standard for today’s call-center approach to customer service. It could be that the way customers interact via bots will change completely e.g. via speech recognition but the logic of machine learning and steering the conversation will remain.


Innoveo provides software solutions and information technology consulting services for the insurance industry and insurtech players. Headquartered in Zurich, Innoveo has business development centers, delivery centers and business development representance over Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our product, Innoveo Skye®, is a no code platform that allows non-technical people to configure enterprise level applications very fast. It can be used to sell insurance products across multiple distribution channels in one single application, while providing great digital experiences in all devices.

Innoveo Skye® is product agnostic. It enables the launch of any products and services, without software coding. This gives our customers an unreached flexibility and significantly reduces the time to market.

Innoveo works with some of the world’s largest insurers and has become a trusted provider of companies like Zurich, Allianz and Chubb in 4 continents, having today a global footprint.

Being fast and nimble, our technology has empowered also smaller, startup insurtech companies like Gryves, to materialize innovative ideas and bring them into the market.

To learn more please visit or our LinkedIn page.

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If you are a company or developer interested in AI, conversational user interface and chatbots, please get in contact with Thomas Schulz, Director of Partnerships. SEED is looking for innovative ideas, products and concepts that will transform insurance, customer service, e-commerce and many other industries.


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