SEED Launches Private Beta of Trusted Bot Marketplace

SEED Will Work with Select Partners to Add Components and Services to Conversational AI Marketplace

Oct 7, 2019

Singapore | October 7, 2019

Seed Vault Ltd, the independent, trusted marketplace for Conversational AI, launched in private beta today, an important milestone on the road to imminent public launch.

SEED is building a trusted platform and marketplace for Conversational AI where companies and individual developers are able to sell, build, license, and deploy AI services in conversational form. This trusted bot economy will use a blockchain foundation to provide transparency and accountability, built on top of the SEED token.

“We are excited to announce that we have functional software that demonstrates our framework for building, licensing and deploying bots,” said Nathan Shedroff, CEO of SEED. “In our marketplace, called SEED Greenhouse, you will be able to assemble Conversational AI as chatbots, voice assistants, and even 3D avatars using a multitude of components and services, and then deploy them in multiple channels in a way that is fair and trusted.”

“For the next few months, we will be working with our early partners to add leading AI and bot components and services to SEED Greenhouse,” said Thomas Schulz, Director of Partnerships at SEED. “By the time we launch our public beta, we will have a vibrant marketplace that enables developers to build powerful, trusted AI services.”

“We are witnessing a Cambrian explosion of services and components that power Conversational AI, and are building these into the SEED platform,” said John McKnight, CTO of SEED. “For example, we already support open source bot engines such as ChatScript, IBM Watson Assistant, and Dialogflow, services like AccuWeather, and deployment channels on the Web and Telegram. And this is just the beginning – our roadmap points to integrations with Haptik, Google Maps, Rasa NLU, Microsoft’s Sentiment Analysis and Bot Framework, and many others.”

Interested developers can learn more and apply to join the Private Beta at


SEED is an open, independent, and decentralized marketplace for developers, publishers and users of conversational user interfaces (CUIs) or “bots”, that democratizes AI. The SEED platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and a tokenized network for delivering front-ends to AI technologies.

To learn more you can find SEED on Telegram, or visit the SEED website and sign up for email updates at

If you have specific questions about the project, please contact You can also find SEED on Discord, on Twitter, on Reddit and on Medium.

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