SEED Bot is the First Chatbot to Log Transactions to Blockchain

A chatbot adding transactions to blockchain shows the functionality of the Seed Platform and Seed Token

Aug 7, 2018

In an historic first, the Seed Token Project demonstrates a chatbot logging transactions triggered by user interactions to the blockchain. Thanks to the Seed Platform, the SEED Bot, composed of several building blocks with different licenses, adds transactions to the blockchain. The demo shows the functionality of the Seed Platform, token, and blockchain and is an example of how the Seed economy will support authentication, smart contracts, payments, and ratings on the blockchain.

At its most basic, SEED Bot is a simple FAQbot. SEED Bot can either sign up for an email newsletter, or give you any information about the Seed project. The bot is an expert on all questions regarding the Seed project, token, and marketplace and is available on every page of the Seed Tokenwebsite at

Each time someone interacts with SEED Bot, a log is added to the blockchain and the various individual developer accounts involved in the bot’s creation are rewarded with a micro-payment. No personal information is ever being written to the blockchain.

This is the Seed Token Project’s first major goal: to enable open source developers of bots to be rewarded in proportion to their contributions to successful bots. Until now, there has been no means of rewarding developers for the bot code they open source.

As Nathan Shedroff, CEO & Co-Founder, Seed Vault Ltd. explained, Every time SEED Bot is used, its creators receive a micropayment in Seed Tokens, meaning developers can be paid on a per-use basis. This is revolutionary for the world of open source and provides the incentive mechanism that has always been missing. SEED Bot demonstrates the potential of blockchain to create an economy for open source bots.”

This is revolutionary for the world of open source and provides the incentive mechanism that has always been missing. SEED Bot demonstrates the potential of blockchain to create an economy for open source bots.

When you talk to the SEED Bot, it logs specific transactions onto the SEED blockchain as these parts are used. You can see these transaction logs live on the Demo page on the Seed website. For now, there are three software licenses that run within the chatbot, representing the three kinds of licenses the platform is designed for:

  • Free licenses (freeware: software or services that is offered for free use by anyone on the platform)
  • Per-use licenses: software or services that get compensated anytime its run
  • Subscription licenses: software or services that get compensated the first time they run and then run for free for a specific time period

When the entire platform ships, this software will live in a SEED “bot store,” called Greenhouse which includes unlimited bots, bot components, and bot services (like NLP, translation, weather, financial gateways, and other services). Greenhouse will be only one of many DApps on the SEED blockchain, but it and the SEED Wallet (already under development) are the primary focus, at the moment.

The SEED Bot will have more capabilities in time, including running in different channels (like Telegram), adding speech and listening capabilities, a real-time animated 3D avatar and more.

The Seed Blockchain Demo is just one example of how CUIs will transform how we interact with websites, bots, and the front ends of complex AI and machine learning systems. As SEED grows its active community of buyers, sellers and users of bots, services, and components we will continue building our technology — including bot stores and other media that are authenticated and pay their creators. This is just the first step of the exponential growth of a viable, vibrant bot economy.


SEED is an open, independent, and decentralized marketplace for developers, publishers and users of conversational user interfaces (CUIs) or “bots”, that democratizes AI. The SEED platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and a tokenized network for delivering front-ends to AI technologies.

To learn more you can find SEED on Telegram, or visit the SEED website and sign up for email updates at

If you have specific questions about the project, please contact You can also find SEED on Discord, on Twitter, on Reddit and on Medium.

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