SEED #16: Video: Talking avatar built on SEED; Developers Garden

Sep 18, 2018

In this week’s SEED newsletter:

The Rise of the Conversational UI

Check out this video by SEED partner Botanic about how chatbots and conversational avatars will be a primary way that humans will interface with artificial intelligence. While you’re there, meet Jackie, a conversational avatar built on top of the blockchain using the SEED’s technology.

Join Us in the Seed Developers Garden

Do you build conversational interfaces? Interested in shaping the Seed Token Project and chatbots on the blockchain? Please join us at and learn how you can get involved. We’d love to have you.

Chatbot Conference this Wednesday

Join SEED Co-founders Nathan Shedroff and Mark Stephen Meadows as they co-keynote the Chatbot Conference this Wednesday in San Francisco. They will be talking about “Bots & Blockchain.”

All Your Searches Belong To Us

Mark Stephen Meadows explores the staggering amount of speech and affective data that companies like Amazon and Google are gathering about us as we interface with their powerful AI systems via conversational UIs, and how this amounts to another facet of surveillance capitalism.

Interesting News and Links

Safe artificial intelligence requires cultural intelligence —

If we want to develop artificial general intelligence, we need to help AI systems to understand our “highly variable and changing systems of norms” says Gillian Hadfield in this article on TechCrunch.

How we designed Inga, a delightful banking chatbot for ING —

A deep dive into how the UX team at ING built a banking chatbot named Inga.

Voice UI Is The Future. But When? —

Jean-Louis Gassée explores the rapid rise of voice interfaces, and the dominance of Apple, Google and Amazon.

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SEED is an open, independent, and decentralized marketplace for developers, publishers and users of conversational user interfaces (CUIs) or “bots”, that democratizes AI. The SEED platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and a tokenized network for delivering front-ends to AI technologies.

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