SEED #15: The Seed Token Issue

SEED #15: The Seed Token Issue answers lots of questions about the Seed Token. Why do chatbots need to be tokenized? How do I buy Seed Tokens?

Sep 11, 2018

This week’s newsletter is all about the Seed Token:

  • “Why tokenize chatbots?” asks Mark Stephen Meadows.
  • When is SEED’s ICO?
  • How can I invest in SEED?
  • I’m a U.S. based investor. Can I buy tokens?
  • I’m a developer. Why would I need this token?
  • How will the Seed Token be used?
  • Have questions that are not answered here? Feel free to contact us at

Why tokenize AI and chatbots?

In this video from the TokenMarket Summit 2018 in Gibraltar, Mark Stephen Meadows, SEED Co-founder and Trustee, explains why SEED is tokenizing AI and chatbots by articulating the value of our personal data to corporations that are building large predictive AI systems:

When is SEED’s ICO?

Hey, thanks for asking! Our lawyers tell us that we have to answer this question in the following way:

No public sale has been announced yet. However, if you are interested in acquiring Seed Tokens now or in the future, please contact us at for more details.

We are heads down, building the technology and infrastructure for SEED, and assembling the best people in the world to build the most trusted, open bot store on the blockchain.

How can I invest in SEED?

There are two ways you can invest in SEED now:

  1. As an investor, feel free to contact us at for more details.
  2. As a developer, join us at and learn how you can contribute code and shape the Seed Token Project.

I’m a U.S. based investor. Can I buy tokens?

Due to regulatory uncertainty in the U.S., we are unable to offer tokens to individual investors who are residents of the U.S. If you are an institutional investor, please contact us at

Availability in any particular state/country will depend upon the then current regulations applicable to purchase of tokens.

I’m a developer. Why would I need this token?

The SEED platform will be the premiere, global platform for deploying and licensing CUIs, components (including code), and services. It uses the Seed Token to authenticate and remunerate CUIs, developers, and users. As such, Seed Tokens are the incentive to coordinate a decentralised network of participants and are necessary for staking CUIs, components, and services, for developers and deployers. Read more about the opportunities related to the Seed Token in the SEED white paper.

How will the Seed Token be used?

Two quick use cases:

Use Case 1

Developer 1 is hired by a client to build and deploy a CUI for them. Developer 1 searches the Greenhouse DApp, finds a CUI from the bot store, licenses, customizes, and tests it, and then deploys it in a channel for the client (such as Telegram, the Web, etc.). Developer 1’s client purchases Seed Token to pay for the licensing (as well as to incentivize customers to share data). Developer 1 posts a review and rating of this bot by staking Seed Tokens.

Developer 2, who uploaded that CUI, is compensated in Seed Tokens, per the license, every time it is used. These appear in Developer 2’s wallet.

Use Case 2

Developer 3 offers CUI components and services, but not complete bots. These are uploaded to the Greenhouse DApp and the services are connected to the Greenhouse API. Developer 3 stakes these components and services in Greenhouse with Seed Tokens and sets licensing terms. Other developers licenses these components and services and pay for them via Seed Tokens.

The Seed Token will be used to power the largest, independent market of CUIs, components, and services because it offers the features and ease needed by bot developers and deployers. This independent platform will help cars, appliances, robots, and homes have a much easier interface to operate them: speaking.

Please read some of the prepared use cases on the SEED website or in the white paper.

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Until Next Time…

Thanks for your interest in SEED. If you have any specific questions about the project you can find us on Telegram, at, and you can always find us on the web at, on Discord, on Twitter, on Reddit and on Medium.


SEED is an open, independent, and decentralized marketplace for developers, publishers and users of conversational user interfaces (CUIs) or “bots”, that democratizes AI. The SEED platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and a tokenized network for delivering front-ends to AI technologies.

To learn more you can find SEED on Telegram, or visit the SEED website and sign up for email updates at

If you have specific questions about the project, please contact You can also find SEED on Discord, on Twitter, on Reddit and on Medium.

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