SEED #14: Why Bots Need Standards

Sep 4, 2018

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of the SEED newsletter. In this issue:

  • SEED Co-founder Mark Stephen Meadows makes a case for Why Bots Need Standards
  • CEO Nathan Shedroff asks, “Will Alexa Own Your Customers” in an article that examines who owns the customer relationship when companies build on Amazon’s Alexa platform
  • Links on AI eclipsing Moore’s Law, token bonding curves, and chatbot therapy
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Why Bots Need Standards

SEED Co-founder Mark Stephen Meadows explains Why Bots Need Standards in an essay that explores the values and benefits of standards, touches on historical examples, and concludes with a call to action to the bot developer community.

“We want bot code to be human readable, just like HTML. Functional elements from a bot description should be readable, copyable, and pastable to facilitate collaboration though this will require us to determine limits around copy and paste within the framework. Implicitly, some IP (like low-level functions) should be sharable while other IP (with more sophisticated functions) should be protected.”

Will Alexa Own Your Customers?

SEED CEO Nathan Shedroff explores the challenges and opportunities companies face as they build chatbots on existing platforms in Will Alexa Own Your Customers?

“As the paradigm shifts toward using CUIs to be the interface to everything, this same challenge will befall every company. Most won’t have the technical prowess or the resources to build this technology internally. Without an alternative, to stay competitive, companies will increasingly be forced to give-up control of the customer relationship to a handful of companies worldwide who can build these sophisticated systems: Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Tencent, Baidu, Samsung and only a few more.
This is why we need an independent platform — an alternative. Manufacturers who want to strengthen their customer relationships, instead of forfeiting them, need CUI services that are not beholden to these few companies.”

Interesting News and Links

AI Will Eclipse Moore’s Law As A Driver of Tech Innovation. —

“Artificial intelligence will have a bigger impact than Moore’s Law, the dynamic relationship that drove the tech industry to today’s gargantuan scale. But ultimately, the value AI creates will be greater than all previous information technologies.”

Token Bonding Curves in Practice —

“This article explores the practical use of token bonding curves and curation markets to fund, curate and distribute ownership of intellectual property. In short, Token Curated Intellectual Property.”

Depressed? Try talking to this bot —

Woebot is a bot that has been developed to assist people who are coping with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

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