connecting avatars

to speech: ACTR

ACTR Preview: Connecting Avatars to Speech

We are pleased to share a sneak preview of ACTR, otherwise known as Autonomous Character & Topology Resource, a 3D presentation standard for avatars. It is a method of generating real-time avatar animation from natural language processing (NLP).

ACTR will be made freely available to all developers who create conversational avatars in SEED. Check out a sneak preview of ACTR in SEED's GitHub repository, where you will also find this beta best practices guide to avatar and animation creation with ACTR.

Setting up rigging for a 3D avatar in ACTR

SEED's Partnership with Botanic

As part of our deep partnership with Botanic, Botanic is open-sourcing its bot toolkit to supercharge the creation of an industry standard. The SEED Network is built on top of Botanic Technologies' multi-modal Bot Framework, already in use on Android, iOS, Skype, Signal and other clients.

The SEED network marketplaces create exchanges for independent bot developers to share, buy, and sell bot components of all types to make bot creation and management faster, easier, and more profitable. The marketplaces use blockchain to track uses of bot components for developer compensation.

Excerpt from the Best Practices PDF for ACTR

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