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What is SEED?

SEED is an independent, decentralized marketplace for developers and deployers of conversational user interfaces (CUIs). Our platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and network for deploying front-ends to AI technologies. Blockchain enables us to authenticate CUIs and compensate developers for their creations and contributions.

SEED democratizes AI by offering an open and independent alternative to the monopolies of the few large corporations that currently control CUI and AI technologies, exceeding the proprietary deployments from industry giants.

The SEED token and network are designed to create a thriving economy of conversational interfaces while enabling users to control their personal data. The SEED Token is uniquely designed to support authentication, smart contracts, payments, and ratings in order to reward quality, positive actors in the SEED economy and guard against negative ones.

Want to learn more? Read our white paper, review technical documentation and much more here »

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Seed vault ltd GOVERNANCE

Mark Stephen Meadows

Trustee & Co-Founder

Michelle Katz


John Porter


Danit Gal


development team

Nathan Shedroff

CEO & Co-Founder

Robert Nielsen


John McKnight

Senior Engineer

Steve de Brun

Director of Marketing

Eduardo Polidor

Senior Engineer

Kiran Kumar

Senior Engineer

Matt Powell


Phil D. Hall

Quality Assurance

Dan Brumleve

Senior Engineer

Community development team

Thomas Schulz

Director of Partnerships

Gaby K. Slezák

DIrector of Communities

Stefan Kojouharov

Bot Community Developer

Beckie LaSalle

Director of Business Development

Ben Koppelman

Governance Policy Development

Igor Grigorenko

Crypto Community Manager & Advisor

Andrew White

Token Community Developer

Peter Feltham

Bot Community Developer


Gabriel Rene

The Incomparable Sunny Bates


Michael Tjalve


Prashant Agarwal


Trent McConaghy


Bruce Wilcox


Jamie Burke



This project emanated from Botanic, which is also supplying tools, IP, and deep CUI expertise.

Outlier Ventures advises on every aspect of project strategy, as they have for IOTA, Ocean Protocol, Evernym, and others.

One of our community partners, bottish emphases the business side of bot building.

With over 60 projects taken from inception to ICO, TokenMarket offers unparalleled experience in token sale administration and advising.

Headquartered in Ukraine, Onix is a superb technology developer for a variety of platforms.

Fire On The Hill is a London-based marketing and PR firm focused on the blockchain economy.

BotChain is the decentralized identity and audit ledger for autonomous AI agents.

One of the largest online bot communities with a wealth of resources and discussions for bot developers.

An experienced CUI developer.

A leading chatbot developer.


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One of SEED's community managers, Gaby Slezák will speak about the SEED project in relation to the bot developer community next week at the esteemed bottish conference. This is a global, simultaneous conference with meetups and more than 4000 developers joining from all over the world.

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The Singapore-based, open source software network said in a press release, on Tuesday, that Nielsen, who formerly held senior engineering positions at Coinbase, Google, Apple, Netscape and Xerox PARC, will help lead development of Seed Vault’s decentralised bot marketplace.

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Today, AI is all around us, with bots generating more Internet traffic than people. Yet these bots are largely still perceived as crude, mostly obvious and somehow separate but that is about to rapidly change, as the bot market is growing in volume and sophistication, from $3B today to $20B+ in the next four years alone (Gartner).